Nets jersey update team logo

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Nets jersey update team logo

Post  chinacheapshoes on Mon 17 Dec 2012, 3:12 am

New Jersey Nets moved to Brooklyn, New York, released a upcoming print to the new team logo on the jersey, the same time, this new logo to commemorate their relocation to New Jersey 35th anniversary.

This new logo middle basketball image of a three-color, the red portion of the uppermost written nets to indicate that this is the Nets, the blue portion of the intermediate is written two Arabic numerals 35, the lowermost gray part is written forward YEARS, cheap jerseys from china,the two parts together mean the team moved to New Jersey 35th anniversary. The words "NEW JERSEY", at the top of the basketball is in New Jersey, part of the bottom bracket, the left that says 1977, this is the moment to move to New Jersey them 35 years ago, the right that says 2012, said the team will relocated to Brooklyn, New York in 2012.

Nets founded in 1968, originally called the New Jersey Americans team called the New York Nets in 1969 and renamed, but in 1976, they are another in a basketball league ABA one. 1976 Nets incorporated into the NBA, the name is still known as the New York Nets. brooklyn nets jersey china Nets in 1977 renamed called the New Jersey Nets and has been in use ever since.

The new logo is printed on the original jersey, the purpose is to make New Jersey fans retain the Nets last impression. A relocation to Brooklyn, the fans will have such a sense of identity? In the next two lines of this flag, a "Jersey strong", another is "Brooklyn", the Nets now longing they relocate to a bright future in the heart of New York City.

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