NFL defending champion defeated

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NFL defending champion defeated

Post  chinacheapshoes on Mon 17 Dec 2012, 3:13 am

New season regular season predictable time in the United States on Sept. 5, the home of the defending champion New York Giants lost to the Dallas Cowboys failed to make the playoffs last season to 17 than 24, so the surprise of many experts, in fact, Historically, this result is not surprising. Two teams clash as the National League East rival, the history of the entire 100 Cowboys to 56 wins, 2 draws and 42 defeats, a slight advantage, but in recent years, the Giants record shine through to make people "mistaken" their high, in fact, known as "Team America takes the name of "Cowboys in the 1970s over the world (championships) in the 1990s is almost establish the dynasty three championships (1992,93,95), from Cowboys Troy Aikman, Amit Smith is also widely known teen idols, and all genius studded team, nfl wholesale jerseys they are always internal friction is too large, it is difficult to maximize combat effectiveness, as a good start of the season to beat the defending champion, and expect them to attack the champion after an absence of 17 years.

The fans may be the biggest beneficiaries of this season NFL Thursday night Played in the Eastern Hemisphere, because during the day, we can see the game live, and to know the ESPN broadcast rights of the game for a week is necessary to average annual spend more than $ 300 million; global brands for NFL jerseys, more stylish and more functional, perhaps authentic NFL jerseys in the near future will be put on the shelves of our country; cheap NFL Jerseys china, sponsor information equipment replaced brand from China, "made in china boost the number one sporting event in the United States, and slowly with the NFL to become synonymous with high-end.

In addition to the positive changes in the other side of the ocean, NFL China branch is to offer a number of benefits for the fans, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, three large garden experience activities NFL superstar in China, five games a week, multi-platform broadcast live microblogging be interactive NFL All-Star Game tickets and Hawaii to play special award, involving nearly 100 universities Bowl "Championship, and swept the nation Fantasy game prize game and show, whether playing, watching, and talk ball or want to try your luck, can find their own paradise in the sky of the NFL, loves sports, different olive NFL give you unexpected wonderful.

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