Ugg boots in China

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Ugg boots in China

Post  chinacheapshoes on Mon 17 Dec 2012, 3:15 am

Famous Ugg boots UGG Australia from the end of 2008 for the first time to enter China since the caused swept boom, many footwear brands are beginning to enter the market. We rely on the Internet since 2009 channels, build its own brand Ugg boots, the first year of a style two color "test the water" market, selling 30,000 pairs. After nearly three years of continuous development and innovation, the 2012 Ugg boots as winter flagship product re-launch is the organizational structure of the product line independent encourage more simple system architecture, embodies innovation.

It is understood that this winter's Ugg boots Material diversified, rich in style and price differences, etc. to do a more detailed classification. Material, fake uggs from the high-end quality products with a foundry with the UGG; Leather cowhide velvet based high-quality products; easier given the sense of design and pop elements suede, the beauties velvet cloth class product . Fashion degree, our Ugg boots also do a lot of attempts, the basis of wild national wind, cowboy creative, metal rock, cartoon lovely luxury limited edition series, the full integration of the international fashion trends and breakthrough innovation, style fusion tie-dye, rivets, leopard, camouflage, tassels and other details. And in the comfort and aesthetics, the new XuanTou inner higher heavy-bottomed three features, more suitable for Asian consumers foot and aesthetic needs.

It is worth noting that, the optional leather fur Ugg boots imported from Australia Shealing. UGG store geographic distribution in the domestic line not widely, Ugg Classic Short Boots and the high price of hundreds of thousand dollars, so many more choices online shopping channels. UGG double increase in the number of stores in China, even more than the speed shop in Europe and North America. UGG 2012 the number of stores in China will reach about 22. Understand, please Chinese consumers, 2013 UGG also the production of specific products specifically for the Chinese market, which in the past any one market are not.

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