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New york and jeremy lin jerseys

Post  chinacheapshoes on Sat 22 Dec 2012, 4:43 am

Today, the Knicks 18 wins and 5 losses victory, their number one fan Spike - Lee excited As Jeremy Lin [microblogging] to come around again, once also his story into a movie Spike - Lee has already own words in their minds, not only that, last season, is also put on the body of Jeremy Lin Harvard jersey, cheap jerseys china has now been thrown into the corner of the closet, "I certainly would not wear it again." Spike - said.

Last season, when Lin crazy story gradually came into the climax, the number one fan of the Knicks Spike - Lee also joined Jeremy Lin the YongCu large group, he even twists and turns to buy the No. 3 jersey worn by Jeremy Lin at Harvard, and a long period of time, wearing his shouting on the sidelines the "jeremy!" name.

But With Jeremy Lin injuries, then was traded straight Rockets, Spike - Lee never through the shirt, the good results of the new season, the Knicks Lee's Jeremy Lin forget completely. "Yes, I really have forgotten, because my team played so well, we will certainly be into the finals, brooklyn nets jersey china and you see how bad against the Rockets." He also recognized that no Jeremy Lin, Knicks more powerful argument.

Although it is believed that Jeremy Lin to leave for the Knicks is a good thing, but Spike - Lee Quedui forest was left brooding, "Look, is he not the Knicks, not the New York Knicks do not want him, he chose to accept the Rockets contract when he has parted ways with the Knicks. "full of complaining, but Lee said he does not hate Jeremy Lin," I do not hate the forest, when the intermission, I also walked up to greet him. "

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