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Nike transfer orders

Difficult due to reduced export of China's textile industry, a number of international brands "Order" outgoing messages on them can be described as "worse". It is said that the well-known sports brand Adidas is studying the original OEM orders to Chinese manufacturers transferred to Southeast Asia and other places in stages to industry estimates, should this planning to implement, will affect nearly 300 foundry business in the Mainland.

Sources pointed out that the other two sports brands Nike and Puma have a similar intention. In fact, the transfer of international brand OEM region has attracted the attention of China's textile industry. On the recently held China keqiao International Textile Fair, the China Textile Industry Association told the "First Financial Daily" past to find OEM business has been part of the transfer to India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries .

International brands to divert attention mainly due to the dual pressures of rising labor costs, RMB appreciation, China as an OEM product has been partially lost the cost advantage. As labor-intensive enterprises, textile processing enterprises often employ many employees, significantly increased with the rise in labor costs, the burden of textile processing enterprises. The Chairman Soya tone of the world's largest production capacity Hosiery enterprises Mengna introduction, the average cost of the company's products has risen by 15% in the past year. Industry sources said the Chinese textile enterprises to gradually get rid of simple cost advantages, will focus more on product innovation, from quality improve competitiveness, so that "people do not have, I have excellent".

China Textile Industry Association vice president of Sun Rui Zhe in an interview with reporters, said relative to the textile processing enterprises in developed countries, the relative cost advantage of Chinese enterprises, and China is cheap, but high quality products. china wholesale shoes


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