Weeds-The Acting in It Is Superb!

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Weeds-The Acting in It Is Superb!

Post  sophiaknit on Thu 11 Nov 2010, 4:04 am

If a show is dark, funny, subversive and controversial, you know that on HBO or Showtime, the only channels bold enough to have produced shows that network television would go away. Weeds are just one of those shows. A comedy about a suburban mother of two young children who took turns to face the pool after her husband dies, weeds, flies directly in the face of the classic comedy. This is what makes such a spectacle. Weeds have been taken for another season, if this show will be around for a while! Nancy Botwin (Golden Globe winner Mary-Louise Parker) has a normal life as a housewife in suburban Los Angeles Agrestic. She has a wonderful husband and two beautiful children and a slacker brother named Andy (Justin Kirk). When her husband dies suddenly, Nancy needed a way to find a regular income, so she can support her family. Then she turned the handle of the pot, and becomes the Pied Piper to the residents of Agrestic smoking pot, including his accountant, Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon).So how can you be a full-time professional and mother without having broken without your brother-in-law Horning in action, and how can you exposed your children when you break the law to support them? Weeds explores the humor in this dilemma and drama in the season 10-episode first. It is superb in Weeds. Parker was fantastic in the west wing and is even better here, and Elizabeth Perkins is back with her role as Celia Hodes Nancy frenemy. Kevin Nealon as Doug is hysterical, that reminds people of the quality of an actor he really is when he is not with poor materials. Like other hits Showtime, not only this show explores Nancy lives and loves, but to develop dramatic arcs for the lives of other main characters, which gives the show a lot more depth and scope.

The complete first season on 2 discs contains all 10 episodes from the first season with a duration of 283 minutes. There are 6 comments cast and crew, and several short films as "Smokey Snippets" and "Smoke and Mirrors:. Original mockumentary of marijuana" is in Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1.


Weeds DVD 1-5
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Zumba Fitness DVD
Entourage DVD 1-7
Supernatural DVD 1-5
Sons of Anarchy 1-2
Scrubs DVD 1-9


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