There's no quicker way to erode a good handpiece

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There's no quicker way to erode a good handpiece

Post  sayokolhenrry on Thu 09 Oct 2014, 2:15 am

Follow these tips, from proper sterilization to proper maintenance, to keep your handpieces working like the first day you got them.

1. Be smart about sterilization.

There's no quicker way to erode a good handpiece than improper sterilization. Get the right equipment, have the proper maintenance protocol in place — and FOLLOW it!

2. Know what "optimal" performance looks like. FDI dental

This is what sales reps are for after the sale is complete! Lean on their knowledge to help you not just "hear" but "feel" what a proper functioning handpiece should be. This will help you notice when things are "off"—and ensures that equipment gets serviced quickly.

3. Have a proper maintenance partner on speed dial.

You are not the expert! When something goes wrong, don't make it an in-practice DIY project — call a professional.

4. Follow the manufacturer's instructions.

No one is better suited to offer advice on proper use and care than the people behind the product. If you don't take the tip, don't be surprised by equipment failure.

5. Invest in quality products.

Good construction matters. The right materials and quality construction can make a huge difference in the life of your handpiece.


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