Godett and other dental professionals know proper maintenanc

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Godett and other dental professionals know proper maintenanc Empty Godett and other dental professionals know proper maintenanc

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Godett uses this time for better customer service and for patient education.

"The time should be spent with our patients providing excellent customer care," she said. "Repeat customers means a financially stable, profitable practice."

Doctors, she added, would probably find they are saving even more time by using this system because they generally see more patients per day than hygienists.

Beyond being a time-saver for those who already know how to use the QUATTROcare PLUS system, individuals who have no training can learn quickly. It is comprised of "easy steps," Godett said, and bringing new dental professionals up to speed on its proper use is simple. "Snap [handpieces] into place and push the button," Godett said. The QUATTROcare PLUS system doesn't have a significant learning curve, saving her practice time and training dollars. http://www.fdidentist.co.uk/category-2054-b0-Dental-Lab-Equipment.html

Godett and other dental professionals know proper maintenance takes a lot of time, which is scarce in a bustling dental practice, and that improper maintenance causes handpieces to fail prematurely. Luckily, the QUATTROcare PLUS is a one-stop solution to both of these problems. dental lab equipment

This system pays for itself, Godett said, because of the quick and simple cleaning and maintenance and because handpieces go down less often.

"I would estimate the amount saved on a daily basis, in time alone, to be over $70 per hygienist," she said.


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