Highly recommend Ping G15 fairway wood

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Highly recommend Ping G15 fairway wood

Post  linday on Fri 21 Oct 2011, 11:30 pm

The elongated, low profile style of the [url=http://www.vggolfclubs.com/181-Ping-G15-

Fairway-Wood.html]Ping G15 Fairway Wood[/url] offers a long, forgiving choice for golfers

who depend on the confidence of an larger head. A weight pad on the sole of the stainless

steel head positions the center-of-gravity low and farther back to provide higher

trajectories and increased distance. Its low spin feature could be the result of the low

profile design. wasnt so very pleased with my Adams Hybrids, could possibly be lured to buy

this. Something in regards to the head being slightly behind the shaft, seems to encourage

an amazingly straight shot. 200 yards, without trying. Do i need to dispose of my Driver?

Got some serious hang time also, which obviously will be good for sticking the greens. Pings

reached it taking place.

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