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Post  chenglongqq on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 5:40 am

Green LED Lighting

LED lighting is often overlooked "green building" literary pursuit, but more expensive and environmentally less desirable solution. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the benefits of LED lighting, and that, LED lighting is considered to be any "green" building, tds tester house, or an important part of the construction project. Let's start with some of the benefits of LED. Pardon list, but there are so many it is difficult to work into segments. These are the environmental benefits. LED other aesthetic benefits. For a precise control of color temperature. wall stickers Second, the lens in order to better lighting transfer. This is almost summarizes most of the benefits, but also not pose any environmental risk from the LED. I just want to note that, although the other green technologies may have some drawbacks of difficulty, to overcome the advantages of LED lighting is quite clear both sides. home decors If there is an obvious drawback, at least from the consumer's point of view, it will be sacrificed. LED PAR38 12-watt incandescent bulbs cost up to 10 times. However, in fact, at the expense of the LED is not a disadvantage. Once figured out, and alternative energy cost of LED lights, in fact, custom decals save money. Just consider the additional costs of replacement incandescent lamp 24. Then factor in the extra energy use, it's really not even close. We did not include the air conditioning in the summer of the LED load. The clear LED lights ultimately saves money, but many people are reluctant to buy, due to the long-term investment recovery period is longer.
I recently attended the wedding of two different, a soft white lights strung across the ceiling and the pianist is low, the other a clear ceiling lights and music from an iPod player. tree decals Both the feeling of the wedding, even though they use the same site were significantly different. Music set the stage for any event. People shout so loud to each other at the top? This may be a teenage party or dance, vinyl decals or people really do not know each other, talk is a nightmare in the event of such a fine. Fast and dancey music or mellow and relax? wall decals These are the music selection in any case, you need to think about things. Cruel and scattered music may make people feel nervous, restless, elevator music may make them feel bored or sleepy. Water-sport equipments manufacturer It is important to set the right tone. LED lamp lenses, adding an equal focus to energy-saving lamps are not wasted on unnecessary light distribution pattern of the direction of bounce. Carbon paddle LED lights do not emit significant ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Infrared heat and ultraviolet light emitted is generally avoided. LCL


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