Getting The Right Golf Equipment

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Getting The Right Golf Equipment

Post  jhfora1230 on Tue 20 Dec 2011, 3:43 am

Getting The Right Golf Equipment
If you are serious about improving your golf game and becoming the best golfer you are capable of then you need the right set of clubs. Buying a set of clubs off a store shelf is definitely not the best way to get your perfect clubs. Sure you can get some great clubs that way, but are they right for you just because they are rated as the best clubs? Every golfer swings slightly different and is different physically. One size absolutely does not fit all when it comes to golf clubs.
Hopefully the people working at your local golf store will be able to help pick out the right sized clubs, but if not then an easy way to test is by going to the driving range and using their clubs. Most driving ranges will have a large selection of clubs to borrow, so try out some sizes until you find the right ones for your. Usually the length is about your naval to the ground. This is just a generally guideline though, because obviously people have different length arms, legs, etc. that would change this. Golf clubs are an expensive purchase so please do not rush into it, test out a bunch of brands and sizes before you make your decision. Unless you are playing in some competition that you need a new set of clubs for, there is really no reason to rush this decision.
Another way to test out clubs is to rent them. Many pro shops will allow you to rent clubs from them, so this is another great way to get out there on the course and use different clubs to see what feels right for you. After you have found a brand that you feel fits you the best, if you can afford it, you should get the clubs custom fitted for you. Please don't waste money on this if you are terrible at golf, if you are just getting into golf, do not waste money on this. Practice, practice, practice until you have a consistent swing and are hitting the ball straight. Then go out and get fitted for your clubs. There are many things that the fitter will recommend for your clubs based on how you hold the club, your swing, your swing speed and some other factors. They will determine what length your club should be, the size of your club head, the angle, the grip and the shaft type. Once you get a set of clubs that are custom fitted for you, you are going to see some great changes in not only your comfort while swinging, but you score.
If you think you have a great swing, but are not achieving the results you think you should be seeing, then maybe it is time to look into getting new golf clubs. If you are serious about becoming the best golfer you can, then you need to have clubs that are perfect for you. Professional golfers are using clubs that are all individually fitted to their needs, why shouldn't you?
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