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Golf Instruction Books

If you are looking to improve your golfing performance, increase your knowledge of the game, or simply interested in learning more about some of golf’s greatest players, I would highly recommend getting your hands on a couple of the best golf instruction books below.
The 3 best golf instruction books mentioned below are written by the very best in the business and will offer you time tested teaching methods and techniques that will help you to not only transform the way you play your golf but will also ensure that you have a lot more fun in the process.
Number 1 – Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf
Anyone who claims to be a golfer should have a copy of this book in their collection. First published over 50 years ago this book has stood the tests of time. Ben Hogan’s theories gave us the first real insights into how the most important parts of the golf swing work.
Accompanied with brilliant illustrations provided by Anthony Ravielli, this ‘bible of golf’ is in the hands of most touring professionals and has to be considered as one of the best golf instruction books of all time.
Number 2 – Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book
During his 70 years of teaching Harvey Penick kept a record in a little red book, of all his experiences, observations and findings, which very late in his life he shared with the world in this golf instruction book.
Harvey Penick understood the game like no other and although his coaching methods were simple in the fact that he didn’t spend too much time analysing swing mechanics, he is still recognized as on of the greatest teachers the game has ever seen.
Number 3 – Dr Bob Rotella’s Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect
This is one of the best golf instructional books if you are looking to boost your confidence and become a more positive player. As well as being one of the 3 best selling golf books in history, it is the best selling sports psychology books of all time.
Dr Bob Rotella believes that 90% of the game is made up of your mental approach and this is what will ultimately decide how successful you are as a golfer. He shows you how to apply the right positive mind set to your performance, with easy to follow instructions that will help you improve your scores and play with more confidence.
After reading these books, you may want to be a weekend golfer or improve yourself with more proper golf equipment. Also I suggest an online golf sales store to you. The Ping G20 Driver and Ping G20 Irons are hot now.

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