The New Ping G20 Driver

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The New Ping G20 Driver

Post  jhfora1230 on Tue 20 Dec 2011, 3:49 am

The new Ping G20 Driver

Last time we talk about the Ping G15 Irons. As we know, PING is one of the top golf club manufacturers, and year after year the company seems to come up with a highly rated driver. So, today, letís have a look at the G20 Driver which was introduced in August 2011.
As a general rule PINGs arenít the prettiest-looking clubs, but looks arenít everything. Although it helps to have a driver that has an appearance that inspires confidence while youíre standing over the ball, high-level performance is even more important. And the Ping G20 Driver delivers that kind of performance. In fact, itís built to deliver a nice blend of forgiveness and power. Along the way, it also manages to have some reasonably-decent looks.
Itís just that PING is about more than looking good. This is a club maker that believes beauty is more than skin deep. Function has always been more important to PING than flashy good looks (some of PINGís early putters and iron sets are classic examples of this design philosophy Ė they were ugly but extremely good clubs). And, instead of making what amounts to essentially cosmetic changes, when PING releases a new driver it always ensures that it provides some substantial performance improvements. It does this by ensuring that the center of gravity is optimally-positioned, the design is aerodynamic, and the club head is stable and forgiving on off-center hits.
Although I canít say the G20 Driver is one of my all-time favorites, it gave me consistent, solid performance. In fact, it was solid enough that I suggest you consider giving it a test drive. It wasnít pretty but it wasnít ugly, either. It didnít blow me away, but it delivers such consistent results that it might end up occupying a spot in your bag. The Ping G20 Driver doesnít have any moveable weights, but it gets the job done anyway. I donít know anyone who wouldnít be helped by a driver thatís this consistent.
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