breathed enough mythological fire

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breathed enough mythological fire

Post  jiaofuliang on Sun 05 Feb 2012, 10:59 pm

breathed enough mythological fire
HAVING breathed enough mythological fire to secure the Best Fantasy Film prize at BleedFest in Los Angeles, Anne K. Black's Dawn of the Dragon Slayer is heading to UK stores on DVD such as 30 Rock Box Set 1-5 and Blu-ray on February 13, 2012.The film is the first fantasy dragon feature to be directed by a woman and Anne presented the world premiere of the movie like Supernatural Box Set 1-6 at BleedFest last September.The festival is held in Los Angeles every month and celebrates "the women who love writing, producing, directing, and watching badass genre movies such as That 70s Show Box Set 1-8 : action, thriller, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, western, exploitation, B-movie, and erotica."
ALL In The Family Box Set 1-9
Bones Box Set 1-6
Burn Notice Box Set 1-4
Curb Your Enthusiasm Box Set 1-7


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