Tiffany & Co is not just about beautiful jewellery

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Tiffany & Co is not just about beautiful jewellery

Post  yzf983221 on Tue 05 Jun 2012, 10:49 pm

Tiffany & Co is not just about beautiful jewellery; it is very much a socially responsible

company. Since it began in 1837 it has been guided by the belief that a successful company

has a responsibility to the greater community. In 2000 the Tiffany & Co. Foundation was set

up to focus the company's philanthropic endeavours by providing grants to non-for-profit

organisations working in two main program areas: the environment and the arts. Michael J.

Kowalski, Chairman of Tiffany & Co, says, "Throughout our history, community service has

been as much a part of Tiffany as customer service, quality and craftsmanship. The

Foundation allows us to fulfil our role as stewards of this great legacy, which has long

been dedicated to strengthening and protecting our cultural and natural resources."
The Foundation shows a special appreciation for and commitment to advancing the arts by

supporting the work of educational, artistic and cultural institutions dedicated to

excellence in decorative arts design through the creation of gallery spaces; support of

education in the field of design; and the decorative arts. The mission of its environment

program is to support organisations dedicated to looking after natural resources in the

areas of responsible mining; coral reef conservation and urban parks. Specifically, this

socially responsible company promotes responsible mining through remediation, land

preservation, community development and standards-setting efforts; healthy marine

ecosystems through key research and targeted educational outreach; and the enhancement of

urban environments through beautification and infrastructure improvements.
The Tiffany & Co. Foundation awards grants in four key areas - responsible mining; coral

conservation; urban parks and excellence in design; and last year, to some amazing specific

projects. For example, the International Rhino Foundations received $300,000 to support the

regional Rhino conservation program in Botswana. The Sierra Fund got $25,000 to further its

research and create green solutions to reclaim abandoned gold mines in California.
Another practice this socially responsible company has created is its annual award, which

is now in its fifth year, called the "Tiffany Foundation Awards." Last year it was

presented to two organisations in Japan, where the Foundation and the Japan Centre for

International Exchange created an award to preserve 'Japanese traditional arts and culture

in contemporary society' to recognise organisations in Japan who incorporate traditional

local culture into contemporary activities, revive traditional cultural activities

contributing to community revitalisation and promote domestic and international exchange

relating to traditional arts and culture.
It is refreshing to see a legendary brand put its commitment to being a socially

responsible company right at the core of it business, right at the beginning. For the last

175 years it has integrated a certain ethos into the beautiful products it creates.

Protecting the beauty of the natural world is at the heart of Tiffany culture.

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