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How to select the ugg boots

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How to select the ugg boots Empty How to select the ugg boots

Post  chinacheapshoes on Mon 10 Dec 2012, 4:37 am

Winter it is a good time to buy snow boots. Under the snow, looking ahead, the girl on the street almost everyone feet are furry snow boots wrapped. The uneven quality snow boots on the market, spend a high price but bought a pair of snow boots inferior is not it a little tears? Tell you a few buy high quality snow boots trick.

Snow boots also known as UGG, UGG three letters refers to sheepskin boots from Australia, is the generic term of a class of shoes, not just talking about a brand. cheap uggs china Popular brands UGG AUSTRALIA, JUMBOUGG, BLUE MOUNTAINS UGG, JOMVOX, MOU, EMU, ANYPRIZE, YELLOW EARTH, AUKOALA, SHEARERSUGG, BGG and so on.

First of all, to choose the fur.

The so-called one is sheepskin wool one to distinguish between true and false wool is burned with a lighter. Real hair is burning up, burnt hair rub powder, no pungent taste, a little hair burning smell, pungent taste fake fur will resort to a plastic burning burnt. If the inside of the hard fibers that may wool and fake fur blended. Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots Fur wearing 2 to 3 years, and very warm, fake fur warm, handicap, but better than real hair quality is not as good fur.

Second, select the About of Gaotong button paragraph.

If it is girls of Tuicu, low-cylinder is a very good choice. Gaotong recommendations thin legs girls choose cylinder models and button models difference is not great when flanging button under the section more distinctive than the cylinder.

Third, how to choose the right yardage.

Normal wear, normal yardage purchase. If you need to add insoles or within higher must buy freshman yards, UGG thick hair. A lot of people do not like to add insoles or simply do not wear socks, in fact, from the health point of view or in terms of comfort or add insoles better. UGG wear for some time, the the following hair will be squashed. Plus an insole, sole turn soft, and warm better. Related Sites: www.uggschinasale.com


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