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Entourage-Male Version of Sex and The City!

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Entourage-Male Version of Sex and The City! Empty Entourage-Male Version of Sex and The City!

Post  sophiaknit on Thu 11 Nov 2010, 4:03 am

I tried to explain this show to someone the other day, and the most appropriate description I could come up with was "Entourage is like the male version of 'Sex and The City', but based in Hollywood with a more clearly defined plot." So, yes ... That's pretty much it.
If you watch an episode and enjoy it, then you should try to see the whole series in its entirety. Sure, you can jump in and start watching at any time, but the only way you enjoy the inside jokes and earlier references are to view from front to back. writers of the show in a really good pace towards the middle of season two.

In my opinion, the real stars of this series, are Johnny Drama, Turtle and Ari. Of course, the relationship between Eric (aka "E") and movie star Vince is the engine of the series, but the funniest moments in the series involve other members of the Entourage. "E" tends to take itself too seriously, and her daughter are problems a bit forced at times. Vince is definitely the center of attention in its own little universe, because everything depends on his career, but he could not function without their support group - which is the point in the show, I think. My favorite aspect of the show is how they all interact on a regular basis are all those stereotypical entertainment industry, PDAs and servile groupies everywhere, to the slick and smarmy super-agents and manufacturers of power mad . Also the nature of the results of the local program in Hollywood inclusion tons of great Star Cameos.

Entourage has been one of the few shows in living memory, I had to laugh really loud and shit what happened to the signs of history has evolved. I can not wait to see what goes down the third season. If you want a flat TV drama / comedy, which received a shot of testosterone, or if you're tired of your girl forced to sit through re-runs of "Sex and The City" and we want to make her look at something is enjoyed for a change, so you should check out Entourage.


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