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tablet PC that has a removable battery

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tablet PC that has a removable battery Empty tablet PC that has a removable battery

Post  jiaofuliang on Tue 13 Dec 2011, 10:26 pm

tablet PC that has a removable battery
But there is a new tablet PC that has a removable battery, it's the Wits Tech A81E which is run by the new Android 2.2 such as 10 inch tablet pc . Weight: This feature is what makes it more versatile than laptop or notebook computer because they are designed for a perfect mobile companion that are less than 1 kg. (Example: the Wits Tech A81E Android 2.2 weighs 0.39kg). SOFTWARE Operating system: There are a multiple range of mobile operating systems available today. Currently the best selling mobile operating system Symbian OS, and smaller rivals Android, Blackberry OS of Aoson M12 , IOS and Windows Mobile. Various mobile operating systems including Android based in Linux and UNIX. In the second quarter of 2010 were smart phones running on Android operating system ranked first among the smartphone OS. One of the advantages of Android is that the large community of developers writing application program to broaden the functionality of devices running the Android OS of Ainol tablet has.
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