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Woods and Nike become the most valuable sports brands

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Woods and Nike become the most valuable sports brands Empty Woods and Nike become the most valuable sports brands

Post  chinacheapshoes on Mon 10 Dec 2012, 4:36 am

Tiger Woods became the most valuable athlete brand in the Forbes list of the world's top brands recently, Nike has become the most valuable sports business brand.

Athlete brand value calculated is in the top ten in the specified areas of sports athletes, cheap shoes online , sponsorship revenue minus the average endorsement income. Forbes calculated the Tiger brand value of $ 38 million. Tiger two top ten golfers in the sports rankings, another name is Phil Mickelson, 2.6 ten million U.S. dollars ranked tied for third. Tennis player Roger Federer, the tiger after placing him $ 29 million, tied with Mickelson NBA superstar LeBron James, and footballer David Beckham.

Tiger owns Nike brand, its value is $ 15.9 billion. Sports Business brand value calculated through a complex calculation to handle its estimated market value, then subtracting the industry average of a similarly derived through a complicated calculation. The runner Nike brand is ESPN, the value of $ 11.5 billion. nike air max 90 , Adidas ranked third with $ 6.8 billion. In view of the rumors, the world's first Rory McIlroy next year will contract with Nike, will have two top players in the world's top Nike brand value is very likely in 2013 to continue to increase.

The Woods brand value of $ 38 million. In addition to Woods, Mickelson is another golfer to break the top ten, he tied for third place with $ 26 million. Second tennis player Roger Federer, the brand value of $ 29 million. NBA superstar James (LeBron James), footballer David Beckham and Phil Mickelson tied for third place.

This list also shows, the Super Bowl ($ 470 million) is the most valuable sports events, and the New York Yankees ($ 363 million), the most valuable sports team. Read more on: www.cheapestshoeschina.com


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