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Dr. Farnoosh specializes in dental implants

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Dr. Farnoosh specializes in dental implants Empty Dr. Farnoosh specializes in dental implants

Post  zetadentals on Mon 04 Mar 2013, 2:37 am

Dr. Farnoosh specializes in dental implants

There are two relatively simple surgical procedures used to correct a gummy smile. The first is known as a gingivectomy, and it aims to reduce the amount of gum exposed when smiling. During this dental treatment a minimal amount of gum tissue is removed by discount dental loupes laser using a technique known as radiosurgery. The procedure is relatively painless, requiring no sutures and typically the gum tissue heals within two weeks. The other surgical option is somewhat more advanced and involves crown lengthening. Dr. Farnoosh specializes in dental implants, laser periodontal surgery, gum and bone grafting and his novel gum bleaching approach for treatment of dark and discolored gums and his lip-lowering treatment for a gummy smile. Dr. Farnoosh has been recognized by the Consumers’ Research Council of America (CRC) as one of America’s top dentists in their annual report since 2008. Cosmetic dentistry used to correct a gummy smile is quite straightforward when performed by a trained and experienced cosmetic dentist. The end result will be a confident and electric toothbrush radiant smile that will have you feeling really good when you are in close proximity to others. While the crown lengthening procedure and the lip repositioning procedure can help reduce the appearance of a gummy smile, they are not appropriate for providing long term correction.


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