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It can probably easily be compared with speed handpiece

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It can probably easily be compared with speed handpiece Empty It can probably easily be compared with speed handpiece

Post  sayokolhenrry on Tue 02 Sep 2014, 4:06 am

First, we need to have a standard way of doing things. This seems easy at first because medicine is scientific. But then again medicine is also an art. So, what we do, and not so much the how we do it, has to be more uniformed than we currently operate. The "what we do" should be guided mainly by the fact that we need to do everything we can to keep the patients healthy and/or get him well.Second, we must let as many people as possible know that we can and will keep them healthy. To achieve that we must have the contact information of as many people as possible and contact them and let them know about our intentions and our abilities to keep them healthy. We call this marketing, internal and external. There are many, many different ways, but however it is done must be done in large and in uniformed ways.

Third, once people know about and are coming for some initial desire or problem, we must of course fix it. But for now we must also make sure that we enlighten/educate the person on all medical possibilities which could make his life more enjoyable in the future. That is our duty to the patients; never mind that we must do that in order to protect ourselves from lawsuits for negligence.

In order to achieve that, we must have a rigorous check sheet, like an airplane pilot has before taking off. Dental Curing Light After all, a pilot does this to make sure nothing is left out so that everything is done to prevent any accident which, in the case of flying an airplane, almost surely would mean the loss of life. Well, what do you think we doctors are dealing with? Toys? No, we deal in human lives and must at minimum adhere to as rigorous a check sheet in finding any existing illness or any potential illness, as any airline pilot would use to check for potential malfunctions.

Fourth, finding potential and existing illnesses, and telling the patient about it is, however, not enough. We now must insist, with great patient education that the patient follows through with our recommendations. This is easier said than done.

It takes immense caring for the patient, time and of course, money to educate the patients. It can probably easily be compared with the raising of children, or the taking care of our elders. Suggestions, recommendations, and orders are not necessarily followed at the first attempt. Oh no! But what does a caring mom do? She keeps at it. She uses any and all tools and knowledge available to her.

Let it be said that her most important tool is that of caring. Sure, you say, dental high speed handpiece those are her children. Yes, you are right. And to the degree that we do not take the time and effort to explain the necessity of any and all treatments or tests which we deem to be useful, we are not caring about our patients to the degree that we should be.

We have not only taken an oath, but we will not ever feel fulfilled with our lives if we do not give our last bit of energy to get the patents the procedure they need. Despite the fact that we might not be able to prevent it from happening anyhow, we must give our very best medical treatment, and perhaps more importantly, we must care like the best mom or dad in the world would care. Otherwise the patient is doomed.


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